"Casa de Arboles" the "House of Trees" refers to the mixed forest and dramatic log home that dominate the property.  "Fine Fiber Farm"  refers to the huacaya alpacas  that comprise the farms livestock as well as the exquisite alpaca garments that are produced by their exceptional fleece.  Casa de Arboles is located in Monroe, Washington, within the heart of the Pacific Northwest.  It boasts panoramic views of the breathtaking North Cascades and access to Puget Sound and the bucolic San Juan Islands.

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Maggie DiUlio and Jim Klaassen, DVM, are a husband and wife team that value uncompromising quality, natural beauty and personal creativity.  These values are obvious in the development of Casa de Arboles, Fine Fiber Farm.  Their breeding program for huacaya alpacas emphasizes the development of the finest alpaca fleece carried on classic Peruvian white huacaya alpacas with substantial size and excellent conformation.  The ultimate breeding goal of Casa de Arboles is to realize Don Julio Barreda's vision of the 20-20 alpaca; twenty pounds of fleece sheared at 20 microns diameter.  The Accoyo ranch has many descendents enjoying their lives at Casa de Arboles.



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Casa de Arboles has been under construction since 2004.  During that time, we have constructed over two miles of fence for our alpaca's.  In the process we have discovered the durability and beauty of juniper fence posts and landscape timbers.  To learn more about chemical-free, naturally preserved juniper products, check the Juniper section of this website!